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Positive Birth Movement Auckland

The Positive Birth Movement is a global network of antenatal groups, aiming to connect pregnant women together to share stories, expertise and positivity about childbirth.
We aim to challenge the epidemic of negativity and fear that surrounds modern birth, and help change birth for the better.

Our groups are not 'classes', they are peer to peer discussions where we listen and share and learn from each other.
Meetups are open to anyone and everyone, no matter who you are and what birth you want.

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January – My birth choices

February – Making a Birth Plan 

March – What is giving birth actually like?

April – My birth room

May – The 4th Trimester

June – Dads and Birth Partners

July – Birth Films and Images

August – Bonding with my baby

September – Induction

October – Human rights in childbirth

November – Caesarean birth

December – Oxytocin

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